Home and + Skylines 2018

Home.. it seems every day so different and so far as home was when I was a child... In spite new buildings feed a better screenplay. These skylines of my home are images in my memory and emotions by the here and now, bigger and smaller breaking any real scale. Blind I can draw Sagrada Familia, specially because was my neighburhood a long time, by my career, MNAC, and Arc the Trionf and Torre Agbar by work and walk.. observe the curious light effects. Others news, by the simplycity & business. W is for my the best! :) 


They are in the north west side of Catalonia, Aigüestortes Natural Park in Pirineus mountains. They were with us since the origin of our culture and country, part of the treasure animal we can love... There are some enterprises and people who destroy them in many ways to and, in spite is illegal because they are in extinction is one of my priority stop the catastrophe and take out their magical beauty as a most of the precious feline of the world. Draws, ...coreography... will b in an exhibition's cause next year 2016 to collect founds for the association who cares them in this park. Keep in touch and follow me to know the news, new art and the event...

Registre Propietat Intel.lectual
Registre Propietat Intel.lectual