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       Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Paris, New York, Toulouse, Amsterdam, Lisboa, Girona, Boston, and another expo "on the way"... Plensa, Marlene Dumas, Jan Fabre, Charo Pradas ... that flows like ocean. Art around us, in a curator selection and my eye selection ahead... Vila Casas Foundation, Gubbelkien Foundation, Macba, MOMA, Sala Pares, Galeria Marlborough, Le Louvre, Sprintemps Festival, Mirò Foundation, MNAC, SWAB, Espronceda Art Center, Elements gallery and galleries around... urban art on the street, ateliers of artists colleagues... A message done, registered by your sight and soul, mind and memory. 

Blake… Plensa by mireiart11                           Caixaforum Madrid  5 October 2012 

1st  FLY... WATCH & FEEL...

2nd Subject“A travel of dreams’ images: From the Romanticism Illustration in XVIII to Humanism Monumental Contemporary Art in XXI”

Influenced by Shakespeare an another writers of his time, W.Blake became a conceptual reference for a lot of artists in the last time with his oneiric illustration pictures and fantasy world... From Dalí and Walt Disney to Jaume Plensa... Drawings, Paintings and Cinema to Monumental Urban Art. Searching the Human Soul in this World: Desires and Dreams, Feelings and Fears, Love and Destruction, the eternal fight beetween  LIGHT and DARKNESS.

From the engravings of dreams to an architecture art bridge projected to the future “Blake in Gateshead” it makes me think about the book  “SQ, The Ultimate Intelligence” by Dana Zohar and Dr. Ian Marshall from Oxford University and how the classicism line of the faces in Blake’s characters inside a Bible scenes or fantasy stories in a new context at that time finished in a human symbols and transformed this conceptual contrast of modern spiritualism.

Blake tried to share his soul trough his poetry images and 250 years after, in the middle of a ‘conferences week’ in Andorra’s University “The Person and The Society”(2004), I met Plensa talking about Blake’s imaginarium. All Plensa ‘s Art is a kind of NeoRomantic Monumental Art working the Light and the Darkness in the Human Soul.                   



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