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Sus cualidades terapéuticas son tan numerosas como su diversidad de colores, los chakras se trabajan de acuerdo con el color de cada ágata.

Según los terapeutas que trabajan con las gemas y minerales, el ágata equilibra el plano físico y el mental, beneficia el chakra cardiaco y el chakra del plexo solar. Considerada por las antiguos como una piedra mágica, el ágata aflora la elocuencia, coraje, autoconfianza y creatividad. Atrae riquezas y aleja el mal de ojo. Es la piedra de la prosperidad.

The BASIS of my ART.. is my coolcultur-e... are some books, articles and last science, ...knowledgement ... words and visual images that demostrate the value of an image like an input and registration in our soul with the perception.


NATURE and their FIBONACCI NUMBERS... visual balance effects in fengshui paintings... and creation by a human artist... another element that belongs to the hold nature essence... and communicates... e-power in this moment...only for higher level culture.  


Colors affect moods and emotions. Color therapy uses this sensitivity to color to identify and correct any imbalances in the body's internal energy patterns that might lead to emotional or physical ill health. Therapists believe that each organ and body system has its own characteristic vibrational energy, and disorders can be healed by applying color of the corresponding vibrational energy, either to the whole body or to the organ concerned. For example, the red spectrum affects our physical energies. It is stimulating and warming. Blues are cooling and cleansing, affecting our spiritual energies. The yellow shades serve to bridge them, affecting our mental energies. The three colors together provide opportunities for healing our body, mind, and spirit. We recommend read the review article submitted by Dr. Greenfield and then read the chapters of interest. You may also want to read light therapy that covers in depth the white light therapy. 



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